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Drywood Termites: Inspection Guide


Drywood termites are insects that like to settle in dead wood structures, including houses and furniture. They need little moisture. That’s why they differ from subterranean or dumpwood siblings. Another difference between subterranean and drywood termites is that the latter are a bit bigger in size but their colonies are not as numerous as the …

Termite treatment options and termite control


The key to proper safety providing of your house from pests is an abequate treatment and control options. Only specialists can deter the pest type infestation and choose the best combination of treatment appliances. Termites are believed to be the most stubborn insects to rid of and the most dangerous for your house construction. From …

A human being is inclined to suicide due to his/her self-sacrificial instincts, which are also present in termites and other social animals as well


The phenomenon of suicide has found its place in the human society, that’s why, according to scientists from the USA, a human resembles an animal, as they both can develop the instinct of self-sacrifice. The instinct in this situation has an incorrect response. It is believed that the reasons for a person’s being able to …