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Ancient armored soldier termites struggled against ants

An astonishing world of active warring ants and heavy armored soldier termites was discovered by paleontologists in Burmese amber that dates to the middle of the Cretaceous period. Due to the well-preserved integrity of the examples and their abundance, scientists had a possibility to learn much new about the early representatives of the species that still exist and thrive.

Photo and picture gallery of termite castes and evidence

In the photo and picture gallery there are termites of different castes and types.

Termite castes in the mound are genetically determined. As a rule, at an early stage of termite colony development and while the king and the queen are young, the working caste dominates. The first soldiers appear during the first year of the nest existence. The queen produces winged species or alates only in 2-3 years after colony foundation.

Termite frass identification is an effective clue to detect drywood termite infestation

Little round excrements are obvious mark of termite infestation.

But actually we are going to describe drywood termite frass. Only these types of wood-eating insects kick fecals out of their nests.

Piles of little balls, larger than sand are always present in houses with termite infestation. But hardly every house owner knows how to distinguish drywood frass from sawdust or even soil. More often, people just sweep the floor and throw this vitally important sign out. Meanwhile, awareness about the excrements can help them to avoid huge wastes as termite poop appears on the early stage of infestation.

Termite treatment options and termite control

The key to proper safety providing of your house from pests is an abequate treatment and control options. Only specialists can deter the pest type infestation and choose the best combination of treatment appliances.

termite treatment options

Termites are believed to be the most stubborn insects to rid of and the most dangerous for your house construction. From all the termites, subterranean ones feature bigger colony creation and the utmost hunger to wood, compared with drywood termites. Subterranean termites can eat out the house in 5 years. That’s why there are different measures for termite types. Let’s learn the main options treatment against termites to select the most appropriate ones in your unique situation.

Termite inspection, free guide to the abatement

termite damage house

If you don’t see any termites, it doesn’t mean that they don’t live in your house. They use a number of tricks intending to hide their presence. Only careful termite inspection will find out the problem.

Check your property using our termite inspection tips or call free service. Making these steps you will definitely protect your house from termites’ infestation and damage.

Pest control and termite inspection experienced specialists contacts and reviews

Experienced specialists from pest control organisations will make a thorough house inspection. After this, pest and termite specialist will give you the results made in written form. Some homeowners don’t have an idea that they face a termite problem in their house. Meanwhile, without proper termite inspection it is very difficult to assume confidently about the infestation. But now you will be sure whether you share your house with the unwelcomed guests or not. In worst case, you will have to think over termite extermination and effective preventive measures to protect your property from future invaders.

Drywood Termites: Inspection Guide

Drywood termites are insects that like to settle in dead wood structures, including houses and furniture. They need little moisture. That’s why they differ from subterranean or dumpwood siblings. Another difference between subterranean and drywood termites is that the latter are a bit bigger in size but their colonies are not as numerous as the subterranean type. It takes about 5 years for drywood termites to enlarge the nest and make more visible and significant damage to the wood. From this point of view, this type of termites needs some different treatment options.